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Typhoon School Success

BriefingPosted by Anthony Knight Tue, March 08, 2016 21:55:08
Well done, Coopers Edge School, Brockworth! As described on the News page of the TECT Website, the school recently won a British Museum competition. Schools had to select and to research an historical object, then present their research to demonstrate their understanding of the significance and history of the object.
Coopers Edge School, situated in Typhoon Way, on the very spot where Hawker Typhoons were built by the Gloster Aircraft Company, decided to focus on the Typhoon. Their research was aided by two veterans of the Gloster factory, Peggy and Phyllis, both of whom had worked, often in freezing cold conditions (how the children enjoyed that element of the story), using their nimble fingers to assemble thousands of bolts and rivets. The children were also able to examine the Jet Age Museum's Typhoon restoration project and to work with large-scale drawings and cut-away pictures of the Typhoon.
I have written to the Head Teacher of the school to congratulate the school and the children on their imaginative and thoughtful project. I have also suggested that TECT would be happy to assist the school should they wish to learn more about "their" local aeroplane.

An internet YouTube search for "Coopers Edge School" will produce links to both the school's own video of the project and to the British Museum film.